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                                                    General information

Il Dottorato in Chimica  (Sito d'Ateneo)
Il Dottorato in Chimica Industriale (Sito d'Ateneo)
Info sui dottorati di ricera  (Sito d'Ateneo)
Ufficio Segreteria Dottorati di Ricerca (Sito d'Ateneo)
Servizio Infostudenti (Sito d'Ateneo)
Iscriversi a un dottorato (Sito d'Ateneo)
Competenze trasversali (Sito d'Ateneo)



Number of credits to be acquired: 180 CFU

Allocation of credits:
Research activity:138 CFU
Courses:12 CFU minimum (specialist courses)
72 h (courses on complementary skills, considered as 18 CFU)
Other activities: 12 CFU



Specialist  courses: 12 CFU to be obtained  by the end of the third year.
PhD students must choose their courses in the Catalogo di Ateneo 

The teaching board for PhD students in Chemistry  and Industrial Chemistry organizes courses  in the following scientific areas:

  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry

Courses on complementary skills 72 h to be obtained  by the end of the third year.
PhD students must attend courses organized by UNIMI for all of the PhD students of UNIMI in areas of general interest, such as:

  • Placement and job market
  • Library and bibliographic research
  • Research fundings
  • Other topics

Details on these courses are directly given to the PhD students by email from UNIMI (phd.transferableskills@unimi.it).

Other activities: 12 CFU to be obtained  by the end of the third year

1. Research reports: at the end of each year (generally in September), the PhD student presents the results of its research activity to the teaching board (25+5 minutes). In this way, the student acquires 2 CFU for each year, leading to 6 CFU by the end of the third year.

2. Participation to two scientific congresses or schools: the PhD student is encouraged to present results of its scientific research during the 2ndand 3rdyear. Each participation gives 2 CFU (with a maximum of 4 CFU in the three years).

3. Support activity to diffusion and promotion of chemistry within non-academic communities  (24 hours  by the end of the third year, for a total of 2 CFU)

A research period abroad is highly recommended: the salary is increased of 50% for periods longer than 10 days and for a maximum of 18 months. The research period abroad must be endorsed by the Tutor and  the Teaching Board. If the student spends  at least 3 month sin a European country (excluding Italy), he can ask for the Doctor Europaeus title.



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