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During their Doctorate, students must obtain 12 credits (CFU) of specialist courses and attend courses on transferable skills for a total of 72 h.

Specialist courses:

PhD students choose courses from the “Catalogo di Ateneo”, that lists all courses organized by Doctorate courses of Università degli Studi di Milano.

The teaching board in Industrial Chemistry annually organizes courses in the following scientific areas:

  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Industrial Chemistry

For the academic year 2021-2022, the following specialist courses will be offered in English and will be part of the Catalogo di Ateneo:

  • "Ecofriendly materials for the environment: air and water remediation processes." (Coordinator: Antonella Gervasini, 2 CFU)
  • "Graphic Communication of Scientific Research to elevate your Papers." (Coordinator: Dominique Roberto, 2 CFU)
  • "Literature and library research in industrial chemistry." (Coordinator: Maurizio Benaglia, 2 CFU)
  • "Giovani e Impresa." (Coordinator: Dominique Roberto, this course is in Italian, 4 CFU)
  • "Electrochemical Technologies for the energy and the environment." (Coordinator: Alessandro Minguzzi, 2 CFU)
  • "Treatment of biomass for biofuel." (Coordinator: Laura Prati, 2 CFU)
  • "Biocatalysis in industrial processes." (Coordinator: Giovanna Speranza, 2 CFU)
  • "Life Cycle Assessment methodology." (Coordinator: Claudia Bianchi, 2 CFU)

Pdf IconCalendario Corso di Dottorato in Chimica Industriale AA 2021-22

Courses on transferable skills:

PhD students must attend courses organized by the Università degli Studi di Milano for all of the PhD students in areas of general interest, such as:

  • Placement and job market
  • Library and bibliographic research
  • Research fundings
  • Other topics

Details on these courses are directly given to the PhD students by email from the University (phd.transferableskills@unimi.it).

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