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Dottorando Tutor (Cotutor) Area                             Progetto
Xishan BAIProf. Cesare GENNARIChimica OrganicaIron complexes for the catalytic (enantioselective) reduction of double bonds. (Linea 4: Synthesis of organic ligands and their complexes with metals for catalytic stereoselective reactions)
Elisa BONANDIProf. Daniele PASSARELLAChimica OrganicaNatural products as lead compounds and building blocks for the obtainment of new pharmacologically active molecules. (Linea 1: Design and synthesis of bioactive organic molecules)
Caterina DAMIANOProf.ssa Emma GALLOChimica InorganicaNew class of hybrid catalysts for CO2 activation. (Linea 24: Sustainable processes based on heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis)
Katarzyna FIDECKAProf.ssa Emanuela LICANDRO
(Dott. Riccardo VAGO)
Chimica OrganicaNanoparticle-peptide nucleic acid nanoconstructs as antitumor therapeutic agents. (Linea 3: Diagnostics and gene therapy: synthesis of natural nucleic acid mimics, DNA intercalators and their conjugation with metals and nanoparticles)
Claudia Vera KOHOUTProf. Luigi LAYChimica OrganicaSynthesis of Haemophilus influenzae type a oligosaccharides for vaccine development. (Linea: Design and synthesis of bioactive organic molecules)
Rosario RUSSOProf. Maurizio SIRONI
(Dott.ssa Alessandra FORNI)
Chimica FisicaComputational study of optical-spectroscopic properties of biological macromolecules. (Linea 12: Molecular modeling for the study of properties of biological interesting molecules)
Abhijnan SARKARProf. Fabio RAGAINIChimica Inorganica 
Luca SENALDIProf.ssa Anna BERNARDI (Dott.Daniele CICERI)Chimica OrganicaNew synthetic processes for the industrial preparation of generic active principles. (Linea:New synthetic processes for the industrial preparation of generic active principles)
Anna TESTOLINProf. Luigi FALCIOLAChimica FisicaMonitoring of emerging contaminants: from the sensor design to the analytical application (Linea 21:Sintesi and characterization of new materials for environmental, energetic, sensoristic and optoelectronic application)
Antonio TRIPODIProf. Rocco MARTINAZZOChimica FisicaKinetic description and process modelling for chemicals and fuels production from renewable sources. (Linea 16: Quantum mechanical methods for the study of molecular properties and the development of new materials)

     RAPPRESENTANTE degli studenti di Dottorato in Chimica: Anna TESTOLIN


XXX ciclo (chimica)  

DottorandoTutor   (Cotutor)
 Area                             Progetto
Chiara AIETADott. Michele CEOTTOChimica fisicaSemiclassical molecular dynamics for spectroscopic calculations of complex systems
Ivan BASSANINIProf. Daniele PASSARELLAChimica organicaExploiting the activity of oxidoreductive and hydrolytic enzymes in organic synthesis: novel biocatalyzed regio- and stereoselective transformations
Daniela CARMINATIProf.ssa Emma GALLOChimica inorganicaSintesi di complessi porfirinici chirali di metalli di transizione per promuovere reazioni enantioselettive
Mattia CETTOLINProf. Cesare GENNARIChimica organicaIron catalysts for the reduction of carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom double bonds
Federico DAPIAGGIDott. Stefano PIERACCINIChimica fisica

Molecular Modeling of Ebola inhibitors

Gaia FUMAGALLIProf. Daniele PASSARELLAChimica organicaChemical approaches to improve drug delivery of pharmaceutically active compounds
Paula LOPEZ RIVASProf. Cesare GENNARI (Dott. Luca PIGNATARO)Chimica organica
(Marie Curie)
Synthesis of integrin-targeting pro-drugs for the selective release of anti-tumor agents
Laura Anett MEDVEProf.ssa Anna BERNARDI (Dott.ssa Sara SATTIN)Chimica organica
(Marie Curie)
Synthesis of a Library of Selective C-Lectin Antagonist Glycomimetics
Marta PASQUINIProf. Rocco MARTINAZZOChimica fisicaA high-dimensional quantum dynamical approach for modeling chemical reactions at surfaces from first principle
Alessandro POMAProf.ssa Elena SELLI (prof.ssa Lucia CARLUCCI, Dott.ssa Maria. V. DOZZI)Chimica fisicaDevelopment of organometallic systems for photocatalytic solar fuels applications
Giulia RAINOLDIProf. Giordano LESMAChimica organicaExploiting the potential of organocatalyzed asymmetric multicomponent reactions for the synthesis of isatin-derived-2-oxindoles
André Filipe RAPOSO MOREIRA DIAZProf. Cesare GENNARI (Dott. Luca PIGNATARO)Chimica organica
(Marie Curie)
Synthesis of multimeric integrin ligands for the selective tumor-targeted delivery of cytotoxic drugs

    RAPPRESENTANTE degli studenti di Dottorato in Chimica: Giulia RAINOLDI


XXIX Ciclo (chimica)  

DottorandoTutor (Cotutor)
 Area                             Progetto
(Dott.ssa Michela BRUNELLI)
Chimica FisicaSynchrotron and neutron study of disorder in perovskite multiferroics
Gregorio CULLIAProf.ssa Paola CONTI (Prof. Carlo DE MICHELI)Chimica OrganicaDevelopment of enzyme inhibitors for the treatment of parasitic diseases
Dario FORMENTIProf. Fabio RAGAINIChimica InorganicaUse of CO alternatives as C1 building block
Giulio GOTIProf.ssa Anna BERNARDIChimica OrganicaNovel glycomimetic antagonists of mannose-specific C-lectins
Rahul KADUSKARDott.ssa Loana MUSSOChimica OrganicaTotal synthesis of natural products and evaluation of their biological activity
Cristina MARUCCIProf. Daniele PASSARELLA
(Dott. Marcello LUZZANI)
Chimica OrganicaNatural Products ( Synthesis, Extraction and Purification)
Valentina SABATINIProf.ssa Silvia ARDIZZONE
(Prof. Giuseppe DI SILVESTRO)
Chimica OrganicaStudy and development of flexible polymeric substrates for electronic devices and smart materials
Lilina Marcia ANSALONI  SILVAProf. Fabio RAGAINIChimica InorganicaUse Of Magnetic Nanomaterials for the Synthesis of Pharmaceutically Important Molecules
Alessandro SILVESTRIProf. Luigi LAY
(Dott.ssa Laura POLITO)
Chimica OrganicaDevelopment of gold-based hybrid nano-systems for imaging applications
Pramod THAKAREProf.ssa Emanuela LICANDROChimica OrganicaDesign and synthesis of modified PNA with improved physico-chemical properties for DNA,  RNA and Micro RNA targeting
Lorenzo VERONESEDott.ssa Monica PANIGATIChimica InorganicaDinuclear rhenium complexes for optoelectronic devices
Simone ZANELLAProf. Cesare GENNARI
(Dott. Umberto PIARULLI)
Chimica OrganicaSynthesis and biological evaluation of peptidomimetic ligands targeting cell-surface receptors involved in tumor angiogenesis

    RAPPRESENTANTE degli studenti di Dottorato in Chimica: Lorenzo VERONESE


XXVIII ciclo (chimica)  

DottorandoTutor   (Cotutor)
 Area                             Progetto
Paolo BONARDI Prof. Rocco MARTINAZZO Chimica FisicaFirst-principles investigations of electronic and transport properties of complex molecular junctions
(Dott. Alessandro PONTI)
Chimica FisicaMagnetic oxides nanoparticles with anisotropic shape or heterogeneous structure
(Dott. Johannes G. DE VRIES)
Chimica OrganicaAsymmetric hydrogenation of industrially relevant substrates
(Dott. Mario Italo TRIONI)
Chimica FisicaTheoretical characterization of graphene-based nano-junctions
Dott. Mohamed Ali ELATAWY Prof. Fabio RAGAINIChimica InorganicaSynthesis of nitrogen heterocycles by reaction of nitroarenes with unsaturated substrates and carbon monoxide, catalyzed by transition metal complexes
Marco FUSE'Prof. Edoardo Cesarotti
(Dott.ssa Isabella RIMOLDI)
Chimica InorganicaSynthesis of chiral penta-substituted aryl, alkyl cyclopentadienyls and their use in the enantioselective reduction of imines and ketones
(Dott. Johannes G. DE VRIES)
Chimica OrganicaFirst-row transition metal catalysts for the enantioselective reduction of double bonds
Fernandez Josè LASSO Prof.ssa Ilenia ROSSETTIChimica FisicaHydrogen production from renewable primary sources
Mirko MAGNIProf.ssa Dominique ROBERTO
(Prof.ssa Patrizia MUSSINI, Dott.ssa Claudia DRAGONETTI)
Chimica InorganicaTransition metal complexes and related organometallic polymers for photonics and optoelectronics
Stefania MARZORATIDott.ssa Mariangela LONGHI
(Prof. Leonardo FORMARO)
Chimica FisicaPlatinum-free catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Elisabetta MASSOLOProf. Maurizio BENAGLIAChimica OrganicaNovel synthetic organocatalytic methodologies
Manuel ORLANDIProf. Franco COZZI
(Dott. Michele CEOTTO)
Chimica OrganicaNew Brønsted acids as chiral organic catalysts
Ahmed Muhamed ORLANDODott. Leonardo LO PRESTI
(Prof. Carlo GATTI)
Chimica FisicaChallenging questions in chemistry and condensed matter addressed by charge density topological descriptors
(Prof.ssa Rita ANNUNZIATA)
Chimica FisicaPatterning and Modulation of Oxide Surface Properties
Lucia VIGLIANTIProf.ssa Emanuela LICANDRO
(Prof.ssa Patrizia MUSSINI)
Chimica OrganicaThe Heteroarylethene class: novel, luminescent molecular material for optoelectronic and photovoltaic applications
Chiara ZAFFINOProf.ssa Silvia BRUNIChimica AnaliticaExploiting the potentiality of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) for the identification of natural dyes in ancient textiles and works of art

    RAPPRESENTANTE degli studenti di Dottorato in Chimica: Lucia VIGLIANTI



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